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Membership Application Process
Check our current list of Open Categories to see if we are looking for members in your industry. Prospective members should be sponsored by a current CPNG member. If you need a sponsor or have questions about CPNG please call Tom Dardick at (717) 343-9229 or email him for details and sponsorship. Application Steps:
  1. Read the Member Guidelines to be sure that CPNG is a good fit for you and that you can and will agree to the guidelines.
  2. Complete the online submission form to the right. Your application will be reviewed by the Board and/or the membership for potential category conflicts. No duplicate or conflicting categories are allowed, although some members have agreed to split their category into separate subcategories (for an example, see our insurance category on the member page.). If your application is accepted, you will then be contacted and invited to attend meetings as a guest (candidate).
  3. A guest (candidate) is required to attend at least two (2) meetings and may be allowed to attend more as a guest (candidate). The purpose of attending as a guest (candidate) is for both you and the group to determine if your potential membership is a good fit for both parties.
  4. A guest (candidate) will be asked to participate in a Pledge presentation. You will be given five (5) to eight (8) minutes to provide a short presentation to the group. Pledge presentations are scheduled as the weekly presentation schedule allows and you will be given advance notice of the Pledge date.
If your category is taken, you can ask to be placed on our waiting list.